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All documents are contained in a central CVS ‘repository’, located on the node.There is a CVS server application which runs on the central repository node and communicates with the various CVS client applications used by the individual users.It's a good idea to insert a CVS/RCS keyword string at the top of every file that you place under CVS control.This includes source files, Makefiles, config files, It's not necessary to fill in the fields of the keyword string, or modify them when you edit a file that already has one.Development labels, and labels for beta versions of products are usually pretty safe to get rid of. You can check out a source tree using a sticky tag or a branch tag.You'll want to hang on to labels for released versions of products for support and maintenance purposes. You think you've performed the proper magic, and yet things Aren't Working Correctly. If you try to check in a revision on a sticky tag tree, you'll be rebuked with an error.If you'd like to update your CVS workspace remotely, see Nanbor Wang's   CVSup  page. to your .emacs file to instruct emacs to follow symlinks to version-controlled plain files.

The intended audience is local ACE developers, so it's not by any means a general introduction to CVS.It maintains all files as history files, whereby the complete history of all files is recorded.These files exist in a directory tree called a repository.The basic model for CVS is to keep a copy of a particular file at a single location – namely the repository.Such a file is then checked out by a user to some other location.

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