Is miley cyrus dating justin bieber

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According to a new report, the twerking queen and 38-year-old Jeremy Bieber hung out at a party and mysteriously disappeared with each other for some time. "Justin and Jeremy rented a suite at a hotel in LA a couple of weeks ago and had a bunch of people over. She can get any dude she wants..def doesn't want Mr.

She might want to watch out though, he supposedly kicked a girl in the face a few years ago because she wouldn't show him her boobs. As for Miley, we really think she needs to dodge this

PHOTOS: Miley and her siblings Bieber has said he wouldn't want to date Cyrus, calling her "not my type."The feeling was mutual for Cyrus.

Uh…we're not so sure dating Justin Bieber will make a hot piece of man meat like Liam Hemsworth jealous.

Not sighted: Cyrus' beau and Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth.

(See more photos on X17)Bieber, 16, joked to X17 cameras that Cyrus, 17, is "having fun with me." PHOTOS: Child stars who grew up fast Cyrus said she wasn't "afraid" of receiving death threats from obsessed Bieber fans, as Kim Kardashian did after she spent time with the singer at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus went out to dinner together at Ari-Ya Sushi in West Hollywood Monday night.Their relationship history goes back years and years, with the first crack appearing when Selena started dating Nick Jonas in 2008 right after Nick broke up with Miley.Miley has clearly never let go of that grudge, and rumor has it that she’s been wanting to get revenge on Selena ever since.Miley Cyrus says it's "impossible" that she's more than friends with Justin Bieber ... her answer isn't exactly a strong "no."Miley was also asked about Amanda Bynes -- and she says some interesting stuff.

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Of course, this has all worked so far largely because Justin has been seething with jealousy.

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