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As a result, I have spent many months facing the major challenge of trying to figure out ways to sync Google Sheets data with Excel spreadsheets in order to work efficiently.This arduous journey thankfully came to an end recently and the steps to the solution are provided below.If the graphs you want to use in your Power Point presentation will change regularly, it can be a hassle to create them from scratch every time there is an update to the data.It is likely that the data used to create the graph is coming from an Excel worksheet, so why not link the graph on the slide directly to the Excel data. I will describe each method, and then show a table that summarizes the differences.I hope you enjoy this guide and if you have found it useful, then please share it with others!

Set all legends, labels, axes, gridlines, and other settings for the graph. In the Paste Special dialog box, click the Paste link radio button, select Excel Worksheet Object in the list and click the OK button. It's not unusual for us to run a model that references back to 20 other Excel files.Anyway, I put together a pretty simple spreadsheet where a single cell will reference one other file, very simple.This is the table in In Design linked to the Excel spreadsheet. Select the first row, right-click and select We start from this table. The first thing we change is the € to the $ symbol.Then with an expression, I’ll change the value of the prices and I’ll save the file in Excel.

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The graph is now a drawing object in Power Point that can be moved and proportionally size, but not edited.

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