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Marketing agency speed dating

Seven startups, which have been established for around a year, met with Ogilvy & Mather staff as well as some of its clients.

Ogilvy & Mather has invested in Collider and so has access to its startup portfolio and upcoming new businesses.

If participants chose to follow up with someone after, that worked out great but their job was not to sell you.

This breakfast was sponsored by Mainely SEO, The Internet Educator, The Cohen Tracy Team, Catholic Charities of Maine, Mainebiz and Hall Internet Marketing.

She added that the event allowed her to understand the passion and enthusiasm from the people behind the startups.Here’s what Campaign picked up from the morning: It may sound like a bit of a cliché in business but quick meetings mean that everyone gets straight to the point.If anyone wants to learn more, they can always follow up.We had 1-2 experts at each table for a few minutes and then they would switch to the next table.So from our seats we had direct access to an SEO expert, a blogging expert, a PR expert, a video marketing expert and more. I just wanted us as a community to know what resources and brains we have available locally.

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Here are content distribution case studies in the Automotive and Fashion industries to get you started.

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