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I would like to have it update as often af the data updates. My AI stuff runs on a while loop so that's not a constant [email protected]_weisman This is the error i get, as i talked about " An unhandled exception of type ' System. Performance would be far greater as you'd only update the changes in value. In this code behind we have an async void method which firstly waits for 2 seconds (optional) before then creating 100 visual elements at random locations within the control. If you did the same thing, but based those locations, sizes and fill - even use different shapes - I think you'll have a high performing, scaling and easily extendable solution to your requirements.

Taking this the next stage and controlling from a View Model will require a bit more thought which for your 'first project' - albeit an interesting one, may be a step ambitious ;) not sure what you mean? like having a square image instead of a dot on the bitmap (for example)?

Lock(); // Copy the bitmap's data directly to the on-screen buffers Native Methods. Dispose(); @harrydev It's 4 years later, but looking it over, i don't remember why.

Scan0, Image Buffer Size); // Moves the back buffer to the front. Add Dirty Rect(new Int32Rect(0, 0, 640, 480)); this.writeable Bitmap. Unlock Bits(data); // Free up the memory of the Win Forms bitmap bmp.

This type of application data file is known as a is distributed as a loose file alongside an executable assembly.EDIT: For clarification, this is all i got right now: SRFQ I want nothing fancy - it's just for personal projects playing around with programming and math, and that's alot easier if i can visualize the objects that i am 'moving' in my 2D plane.Right now i am playing around with physics and gravity, trying to create a simple solar system with working physics.I'm writing a WPF application that uses a component, and this component returns a pointer (Int Ptr) to pixels of a bitmap (stride * height). On software I work on using live ultrasound images in WPF, I am receiving a Windows Forms Bitmap, which I copy into the Writeable Bitmap directly using the native Copy Memory method. (and is probably a little safer in it's logic).I know in advance that the bitmap is a 24bits rgb, its width and height. Even with this more complicated work, the CPU isn't strained too hard, and the memory usage never moves as long as I properly dispose what I can. As far as performance, I'd assume they're similar, but you'd have to test it to be certain.

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