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Updating ssl

The Digital Ocean mirrors are being updated to include the newest versions of the Open SSL packages as they are made available by distribution packagers.The easiest way to update your packages is to update your entire system.using the following command "bigpipe load" with users permission as the user may loose session data while doing this.Referred Article : https://support.f5.com/kb/en-us/solutions/public/10000/500/sol10561Thanks, Raghu You can click update on each SSL profile which references the updated cert/key files.If this is the case in which order I should copy and paste the certificates?To be honest I don’t want to try anything which I am not sure about it because it is a live server.The bug, called the Heartbleed bug, was introduced in Open SSL version 1.0.1.It has been in the wild since March of 2012 and is patched with Open SSL version 1.0.1g released on April 7th 2014.

On Monday, April 7th 2014, an Open SSL vulnerability was disclosed which has been called one of the worst security holes in recent internet history.

I will really appreciate if someone could help me/providing instruction on how to proceed beyond step #5 to successfully install the certificate.

I am also confused what is that comes with the email. @Jim Garrison My apologies for posting the question on the wrong place, I thought because it is stackoverflow,not stackoverflow- programming as a header so it might be some sort of general insistence where people can post an question regarding computers.

Distributions have been updating their packages and pushing out updates, but users need to pull down the most recent packages and revoke any previous keys based on insecure versions.

We'll show you how to update your systems with a secure version of Open SSL, revoke any insecure SSL certificates, and test whether you are vulnerable or not.

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btw, I am automating the certificate renewal process.