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Turquoise sea as far as the eye can see, coral splendour in thousands of colours, white sandy deserted islands, a picture postcard-like dream, an infinite aquarium!

Perseus and Andromeda married, and lived happily ever after. As she circles the celestial pole, she is forced to sit upside-down for half the time.

Today, Cassiopeia is a constellation that orbits the Pole.

They consulted an oracle, who told them that they must sacrifice their beautiful daughter in order to appease the angry sea gods.

Andromeda was chained to a large rock in the harbour.

The project, operating under the slogan “No science teacher left behind,” is funded by an adamantly anonymous retired scientist who, after weighing the benefits of helping academic institutions versus helping teachers, he chose the latter and made it his mission to champion science literacy in the US.

The project is named after the Cassiopeia Constellation at the edge of the Milky Way, known for its wayfinding capcaity; once you find Cassiopeia, you can easily locate all other constellations in the Northern hemisphere — a beautiful metaphor for the illuminating mission of the project.

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